Web Store: 24/7 online sales

An overview of the ToolBox Web Store

What is Web Store?

The ToolBox Web Store lets your customers get instant pricing and place orders from your website 24/7. It's an online portal or eCommerce experience that lets your customer produce their own quotes, place orders, and (coming soon) pay for their orders.

  • Modern customers expect to be able to get pricing and shop online from any business, including yours. Adopt the latest technology in online laser cutting ordering.

  • Win more jobs from existing customers by allowing them to get prices and place orders at their convenience, and open the door to new customers who find you online.

  • Reduce costs & boost the efficiency of your quoting! Remove risks from quoting (what you enter is what you get) and provide more competitive pricing to customers who order online.

How does Web Store work?

Web Store will allow your customers to access your web portal, through a link on your website or your social media page.

They upload there own designs in DXF or DWG format, select the material they would like, thickness and the quantity of the parts required. ToolBox instantly calculate part prices based on your pricing rules for cutting and materials, and any minimum order amounts.

If your customer is happy with the price, they can place the order and they get an email confirming your receipt of the order, pending your review and confirmation.

Your email and/or phone number are on display throughout the ordering process so the customer can contact you if they have any issues with a drawing or if they have further comments to add.

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