Price adjustment function

How to make adjustments to the quote prices after they are calculated

Price Adjustments pop-up

To adjust the pricing in the quote after it has been calculated using the pricing rules and part information, you can use the Price Adjustment button in the quote header while in the quote to open a pop up window which will allow you to make certain changes to how this quote is calculated.

You can make changes to the cutting price or the material price by overriding or adjusting various inputs to the quote.

Cutting price adjustments

To alter the cutting price portion of the quote calculations, you have three settings that can be changed:

  • Override the setup mode that was used for the cutting technologies in the quote

  • Override the sheet change mode that was used for the cutting technologies in the quote

  • Adjust the cutting hourly rate used for all quote items, grouped by cutting technology

The setup mode and sheet change mode are set in the cutting technology settings, managed on the Processes screen. Changing how the setup or sheet change are amortized across the various parts in the quote (or setting them to None) will change how much the total cutting price is for the affected parts. Use the drop-down to change the mode for these options.

To adjust the cutting hourly rates, you can observe the average that is already in use in the quote and see if you want to increase or decrease it. This average comes from all rates in use in the quote for each cutting technology.

For example, the Laser cutting technology could be cutting some 0.125 inch Mild Steel A36 with the Mild Steel rate table that is using a $200/hr rate and also a 0.25 inch Aluminum sheet at $500/hr. Depending on the amount of cutting of each material, the average could be anything between $200 and $500. The average displayed gives you a good indication of the average amount you are charging for cutting in the quote.

The way the price adjustment works is you type in the adjustment to the selling prices for cutting to suit what you want to charge the customer for this quote. Every dollar increase or decrease flows through each of the rate table hourly rates being used in the quote.

For example a +$20/hr adjustment will increase the average rate in the quote by $20/hr. This is reflected in the $200/hr rate from the example above increasing to $220/hr, and the $500/hr rate increasing to $520/hr.

You can also customise the hourly rate for each customer by going to the 'Pricing' tab on the customer central page.

Material price adjustments

All materials in use in the quote are displayed in this list. In addition to the material details, the current sheet sell price in use in the quote is displayed, and you have the option to make adjustments to it.

The way the price adjustment works is you type in the adjustment to the material to make it what you want to charge the customer for the material in this quote.

For example, looking at the above screenshot, if you wanted to sell the material at $230.00 you would add "6.69" to the Sheet sell price adjustment field. As shown below.

Once you are happy with the adjustments you have made within this window, select Recalculate to update your quote price to the adjusted values.

It is also worth noting you can use the adjustment screen to give discounts on the value of the job by simply using a "-" in front of the adjustment figure, as shown below.

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