Creating a new material for Rotary

How to create a new material within ToolBox for your Rotary process

Creating a material from scratch

To create a new material in ToolBox you will need to go into the ToolBox menu and then select Materials.

To create a new material from here select the "+ Add Material" button from the top right of the screen:

Once selected, a side menu will appear for you to complete the necessary data to allow you to create a new material.

Make sure you select your Rotary process in the type option of this table to assign this material as a material that would be processed on the Rotary technology.

The options available to you in this window are as follows:

  • Name: The name of the material you would like to add to ToolBox.

  • Type: What type of material are you adding, Sheet or Rotary material such as Tube or RHS

  • Density: The density of the material you are adding to ToolBox which is used to help calculate weights in the system for parts and materials.

  • Standard markup: This is the percentage figure you would like to apply on top of the material costs when quoting for this material.

  • Customer-supplied material handling fee: This is used to charge a handling fee when customers supply their own material. The handling fee is this percentage of the material's cost.

Once you have completed this data you may then select Add to create this material within your ToolBox account.

You may now look at adding sheet costs for this material for quoting.

Copying an existing material set

You may create a new material and sheets in ToolBox by duplicating an existing material and sheets table.

To duplicate a material, first navigate to the material you would like to copy the basis of and select this so the material and sheets table is open and visible.

From here you then may select Duplicate at the top right hand of this screen

When selected, you will see a pop-up asking you to provide a name for this new material.

Warning: The name of the material cannot be changed after it is set, so pick carefully.

Enter the name of the material and select Duplicate. This will then create your new material with a duplicate of the relevant sheet costs, density and mark up percentages from the original material.

You may now begin to edit and update the data for this new material.

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