Assigning materials to parts

How to assign materials and quantities to parts within ToolBox.

Use the Properties menu on the right hand side of the quote screen to specify the material for the parts.

To assign a sheet of material:

  1. Set the cutting technology that you want to cut the part with (for example, Laser)

  2. Choose the material the part will be made from

  3. Choose the thickness of material

  4. Select the sheet size that you want to quote the part on

Hint: Keep in mind that the selection options are coming from your materials settings

The thickness options will be the list of thicknesses you have in your sheets table for the selected material. Likewise, the sheet size options will be the list of sheet sizes for the chosen thickness of the material.

In your material settings, it is also possible to disable or enable individual sheets for a specific cutting technology. For example, if the Laser cutting technology has been assigned to the Mild Steel A36 material but has been disabled for all 0.5 inch sheets, the 0.5 thickness will not be selectable from the thickness drop-down.

Applying your material and quantity data to a part can be done individually or you may select multiple parts at a time in bulk. To do this, multi-select parts using the tick boxes in the parts list, then set the material selection in the right Properties menu. This will apply the changes to all selected parts.

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