The pricing tab in Customer Central and what it can be used for


The pricing tab within ToolBox allows you to control and alter the pricing this selected customer receives when a quote is created for them within ToolBox

In this tab you can use the settings shown to alter the pricing calculations this customer sees in there quotes within ToolBox

The settings you can alter and change within the pricing tab are shown above and are detailed below:

  • Cutting rate discount: This can be used to give a discount or increase the cutting charge which is calculated for this customer from your hourly rates when working on a quote for them.

  • Setup time override: This setting can be used to change the setup times calculated for this customer when creating a quote

  • Sheet change time override: This setting can be used to alter the sheet change time settings when creating a quote for this customer.

When you have made changes to these settings as required for the customer select Save to save these details for this customer.

Now whenever a quote is created for this customer they will be charged according to the edited pricing settings within the Customer Central.

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