Adding a Quick Part

Using Quick Part to add parts into your quote without a CAD file

ToolBox allows you to create parts within your quote without having the CAD data for them. This is done by using a library of parametric parts which you can alter the dimensions on to suit the customers requirements for the part.

To access the Quick Part library you need to:

Once selected you will be presented with the following screen:

Within the Quick Part window you will have a few options available to you. On the left hand side of this window you will see a list of all the Quick Part types and a collapsible menu of the individual template shapes within this group.

Once you have selected the base template for the part you would like to create within Quick Part, you will then see the geometry of the part appear on the right hand side along with a table of the dimensions you can edit for this shape.

At this stage, you can use the table on the left hand side or select the specific dimension you want to update. When you change a dimension within Quick Part, the drawing will auto refresh to suit the sizes within the table, showing you the effect the dimension has on the geometry and if there are any issues with the dimensions supplied by your customer.

When you are happy that the dimensions are correct within Quick Part you can give this part a name at the top of the Quick Part window and then save this into the quote with the save button.

Once the Quick Part is saved into the quote, you may now apply material and quantity data to the parts & calculate the quote for these parts as normal.

Hint: Parts created within Quick Part will be exported as DXF/DWG files when you export the quote data.

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