How to price welding

Example settings and calculations for a welding operation

Please note these examples are not accurate representations on prices and/or charges for the secondary process detailed, they are just to give ideas on how to build these processes within ToolBox.

Example welding settings

Selection within a quote

How this example works in an quote

The pricing in this example works in two levels.

Firstly we have the calculation for the setup cost of the parts which is calculated by using the hourly rate, the setup time and setup type to calculate how much setup should be charged for the operation and whether this is per individual part or spread across other parts with this process.

In this example we are using the quantity option to allow for a price per measure. In this example you could use the price per measure as a fee for welding 1 inch in length, then when adding welding to a part in ToolBox you can use the quantity field as a "length of weld" field.

For example if we were welding 10 inches on a part, we would enter 10 in the quantity to allow for 10 inches of weld at $5 per weld.

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