Quote screen additional features

Additional features in the Web Store's quote screen your customers can use

Additional Features in quote screen

In the quote screen, your customer will also have further features available to them to help with the use of your Web Store. Some of these options are listed below:

  • View Settings

    • Expand/collapse option for viewing the part cards

    • Delete options for deleting all or individual parts from a quote

    • Reorder parts in a quote manually through a drag & drop interface

  • Expanded part view

    • The option to open the part in a full view setting to check the Cut Path against the original CAD view of the file.

  • Part Notes

    • Part notes for your customer to add notes/comments against parts quoted.

  • Part status Icons

    • Status Icon to show whether the uploaded file is good to be quoted from or needs to be fixed before uploading again. There are three different status icons your customer will see:

      • Green tick

      • Yellow warning sign

      • Red error

    • By hovering over the warning or error symbols your customer will be given a pop-up which will explain the issue for your customer to fix.

    • The order summary panel on the right will also warn your customer if any part in the quote has a warning or error, and will explain the implications. For warnings, it could result in higher prices calculated; and for errors it means the customer has to delete the part from the quote to proceed if it’s a part error, or assign a material if it’s a material assignment error.

  • Order Summary

    • The Order Summary shows the customer a summary of their parts cost, plus any extra charges applied to the quote to bring your order up to the required Minimum Order Value.

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