The original CAD view

How to use the Original CAD view within the Drawing Doctor screen

Within ToolBox there is an option to allow you to switch between the cut path we have detected from the drawing and the details within the original CAD file, without having to leave ToolBox.

The toggle switch for the original CAD view is in the parts screen at the top left and allows you to flick seamlessly through the two views while working within ToolBox.

The advantage of the original CAD view is that you can view any of the missing details within the CAD file that may be removed when ToolBox identifies the cutting paths. This can be notes on such as things like material, quantity and cutting instructions for the parts you have uploaded.

This can all be done within the ToolBox system, saving you time in not having to search for the original file and opening it within another program to check any missing details that are not being shown in the cut path view.

Note: Changes made to the parts in the Cut Path will not affect the Original CAD View or the original CAD file.

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