What Rotary parts will ToolBox work with?

What are the current formats and files ToolBox Rotary will work with.

File types ToolBox will Rotary work with.

As ToolBox Rotary is still in its early stages of development there are some limitations in the files and shapes we can work with in the Rotary option of ToolBox. We are continuing to develop and update the Rotary program within ToolBox, which will allow us to add more files to this list in the future.

Please see below the files that ToolBox Rotary can work with currently:

  • Single body parts only

  • Profile types of rectangle/square, circle or flat-sided oval

  • The interior of the profiles are hollow

  • The thickness of the part is constant throughout, including the bends/edges

  • Are not folded

  • Any cuts along the bend/edges are drawn perpendicular to surface

This means ToolBox Rotary is unable to handle profiles that have any of the following properties:

  • They are part of an assembly, or aren't a single file part

  • They are a "multi-body" part

  • The profile type is anything other than those listed above. For example, other types of ovals or a hexagonal profiles

  • The interior is solid or partially solid

  • The bends for rectangular/square tubes are irregular: an overly sharp interior angle, a 90 degree interior or exterior angle, or any other shape that can only be formed via extrusion.

  • A bend in them, e.g. L-shaped tube


Edge profiles

Wall thickness

Body types

Geometries cut along an edge

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