Print settings

Recommended print settings

To ensure that all the information is included in the printout, we recommend making the following changes to your browser settings. Please note that ToolBox does not have control over specific advanced print settings.

Print scale: Adjust the scale to a range of 73% to 78%. As you modify the scaling, you will see the preview update. Choose the percentage that works best for your browser.

Options: Uncheck the option for "Headers and footers" and make sure to check the option for "Background graphics".

See below:

Recommended steps:

  1. Pin the extension to the browser bar.

  1. Right-click on the extension and click ‘manage extension’.

  2. Set the Site Access setting to “On click”. Otherwise it defaults to changing the contrast settings of every page on every website.

  • Note: it will do that at first anyway. After changing this setting, a refresh of those tabs will revert them back to normal.

  1. Open the desired ToolBox report. It should load as normal.

  2. Click the extension, which will activate it for that page after a page refresh.

  1. Set the view mode to the desired setting. For black and white printing, Greyscale mode is perfect.

  1. Print through the browser (CTRL + P). The Export button will also work for the Part Labels document and the Work Order since they both use the browser print settings anyway. The Export button will not produce black and white images for other documents, so use CTRL + P for those.

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