Quoting in the Web Store

How to Quote in Web Store

Quoting in Web Store

Customers will access your Web Store from a link in your website or from a URL they have seen or been sent.

Welcome Screen in Web Store

After logging in as an existing user or continuing as a guest, your customer will first be presented with a welcome page as shown below.

In this screen your customer will be presented with a few options and information about the Web Store.

At the top of the screen they will see your logo that you uploaded from the settings page, your display name and the option to return to your website or the URL you set in your branding settings.

On the right hand side of the welcome screen, the customer will be presented with the option to either browse for the DXF/DWG files they would like to upload or to drag & drop them directly onto the page. Under this there is also a list of requirements for the files being uploaded to allow them to work within the Web Store.

Once your customer has added the drawings they want to quote, they will be presented with the option to upload these into a quote. The customer can always add more parts later, they just need to add at least one part on this screen.

This will then take your customer into the Quote screen of Web Store.

Quote Screen

Once the files have been uploaded into the Quote your customer will see the parts in the Quote screen within your Web Store.

In this screen your customer will see the list of their uploaded parts on the left and the Order Summary on the right.

In order to get a price for the required parts, your customer will need to specify the part information such as Units, Material, Thickness and Quantity against each of the parts they are quoting.

This can be done individually per part or they can select multiple parts using the check boxes at the top of each part to update.

Updating the parts individually requires you to select the information from the drop-down boxes as shown. If you decide to update multiple parts at once they will see a pop-up window to make bulk changes.

Once they have saved the required part data against the parts they have uploaded, the price for the order will calculate and be shown in the order summary section of the Quote Screen.

Prices are calculated automatically. There is a delay of a couple of seconds before the calculations start, in order to allow the user time to make multiple changes successively without triggering multiple calculations.

Once your customer is happy with the details and prices of the parts they have uploaded into the Web Store, they can use this screen to place the order with you.

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