Adding additional users

How to add teammates and other users to your ToolBox account

You can have multiple people in your organisation quoting at the same time.

To add a user:

1. Navigate to user management

On the Organisation Management page, scroll down to user management

2. Click the '+' button to open up the 'Add user' dialogue

Next to the '+' button will be a message explaining how many paid users are available to be added to your organisation.

While on a trial and without a subscription, this button is replaced with a link to activate your subscription.

While on a subscription, this message is comparing the number of available in your subscription against the number of users who have been added to the account already.

If there are no additional users remaining, the '+' button is disabled. To add additional users, first navigate to the Subscriptions page and upgrade your subscription to a plan that includes 2 users, or contact us at for a discount on plans of 3 users or more.

When the '+' button is enabled, click it to open the 'Add user' dialogue.

3. Add a new user

Enter the users first name, last name and email address, then select the permissions role you want to give them.

  • Administrator (Owner): Full control, including subscription management.

  • Administrator: Full control, excluding subscription management.

  • User: Quoting only. No control over subscriptions, cutting and material settings, or pricing settings.

Once the 'Add user' button is pressed, the new user will receive an email informing them of their account creation. It will supply a temporary password which the user will use to log in for the first time, and then immediately create a new password.

Changing user name

To change the first and last name of a user, click the hamburger directly to the left of the ToolBox logo at the top of the page. Directly at the bottom of the drawer that slides in from the left, click the user icon:

Enter the new name, to save the changes click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button, to cancel any changes click the 'CANCEL' button

Hint: Only the Administrator (Owner) can transfer the account ownership. Only a ToolBox team member can change a users email address, contact us at

Resetting passwords

From the login page: Go to the login page and look for the option to reset your password. It should be visible and easy to find.

From the menu drawer: Click on the user icon located at the bottom of the menu drawer. You can access the menu drawer by clicking on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) to the left of the ToolBox logo at the top of the page. From there, you should find the option to reset your password.

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