Shipping options

Configure the shipping options your store offers customers

Shipping options in Web Store

One or more shipping options need to be offered to customers placing an order through your store.
The Store settings page lets you control which ones to enable and to control their settings.
Shipping options in Web Store
The options you have available to you in Web Store currently are to enable one or both of Pickup or Delivery.
  • Pickup available: If you enable Pickup as an option in Web Store you will need to set the pickup address for customers to arrange collection from.
  • Delivery available on request: If you enable Delivery in the Web Store you will need to define what states and/or countries you are happy to ship orders to. Customers will not be able to ask for delivery to a location outside of these states/countries.
Note: Shipping fees are not currently calculated automatically. Orders are placed without shipping fees included, so you would need to follow up with the customer to add shipping fees to their order once it is placed with you.