Editing customer details

How to edit and archive customers within your ToolBox account

Editing customer details

To edit a customer in ToolBox you first need to open the Customer Central screen within ToolBox.

From here you will need to use the list on the left hand side of the screen or the search box to search for the required customer you would like to edit.

Once you have found the customer you want to make changes to simply select there details from the list, this will then open up this customers details on the right hand side with differing options on what you can edit for the customer and there details.

From this first page that opens for the customer you can edit the following sections:

  1. Customer Name & Account Code

  2. Delivery Address for the customer

  3. Postal/Invoice address for the customer.

Selecting any of the edit buttons detailed above will give you the option to change the details in the window as they appear or via a side menu.

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