The contacts tab within Customer Central and how it is used

Contacts tab

The contacts tab within the Customer Central is used for managing the contacts you have at the selected customer that send you over RFQ's so you can put there details against the quotes.

Within this tab you can Add new contacts or edit details of existing contacts for the customer.

Adding a new contact

To add a new contact to the selected customer all you need to do is select the Add Contact button in this tab

This then opens the side menu to complete the contact details for the new contact and add this to the customer.

Once completed select the Add button to save this contact to the customer.

Your new contact will appear in the Contacts tab of the customer.

Editing a contact

Within the contacts tab you can also edit an existing contacts details, make them the default contact for the customer or archive the contacts details.

These three options give you the chance to:

  1. Mark the contact as the default contact when selecting this customer in a quote

  2. Edit the contact and their details such as name, email and phone number

  3. Archive the contact so they cant be selected within a quote, you may unarchive a contact at a later date if needed.

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