Adding 2D parts

How to upload 2D parts (DXF or DWG) to a quote

ToolBox enables a simple drag and drop method or click and browse to upload your 2D parts to an existing quote or a brand new one.

Drag and Drop

3. Select the 2D file(s) and simply drag them onto the ToolBox quote window.

Drag the files into the drop zone or click the 'BROWSE FILE' button to select them from an email, folder or network location.

4. Once the files have been added, click the 'UPLOAD FILES' button to add the files to the quote.

If you see the warning "Three dimensional entities found," it means the part has a z-axis value. ToolBox can flatten z-axis values that are very small (0.1mm or less), but it won't flatten larger values because it could change the original drawing in unintended ways.

File size limit

The maximum file size for a 2D part is 4MB.

Error message

If a part is uploaded and exceeds a file size of 4 megabytes, you will see the following warning:

Tip: Resave a .DXF as a .DWG to reduce the file size by up to 60%.

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