Placing an order in the Web Store

How customers can place orders with you in your Web Store

Placing an order in Web Store

When your customer is happy with the quote they have on screen they can place the order with you by going to the "Proceed to Checkout" button as shown below:

From here your customer will be taken to the Order Screen where they will be asked to complete their details if they have produced the quote as a guest, or confirm their details if they are a logged in customer.

Your customer selects their preferred shipping option, based on the options you made available to them in your Store settings page.

If your customer selects Delivery as their option, delivery charges are not automatically calculated. Your customer is informed that a separate quote for delivery will be sent. To help with quoting the delivery charge, the Order Summary displays the total weight of the order and the largest part's dimensions.

If you would like automatic delivery charges as a feature, please contact us with the method you currently use to calculate delivery and we will use that feedback to build this feature.

Once your customer has completed or confirmed the details in this screen, they may then select "Place Order" to proceed.

When your customer selects Place Order, they will be then shown an order confirmation screen confirming details of the order number, the parts they have ordered, the weight, largest part's dimensions and a message stating that you will contact them if you have any questions about the order.

The order will be placed in a 'Pending order confirmation' status and the customer will be emailed an order receipt confirming you have received the order and it is pending your review and confirmation.

The customer can then either select to "Place New Order" to start the process again for a different project or "Return to Website" to return to the specified URL from your settings.

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