Alerts and notifications

Helpful information for interpreting or fixing alerts in ToolBox

File rejected

The primary cause of this error is the part you have uploaded exceeding ToolBox's 4MB limit capacity.

Converting the file to a .DWG format can significantly decrease its size, and may be enough to bring it under the 4MB limit in some instances.

In other cases, the file might not be the correct file type. Only .DXF and .DWG files can be imported into the primary quoting screen. Some other file types can be handled by the specialised import tools for 3D, tube, and PDF.

No rate entry found

This error is commonly caused by the addition of a new material or thickness in ToolBox, without a corresponding entry in the rate table.

3D entities found

Three dimensional entities found," it means the part has a z-axis value. ToolBox can flatten z-axis values that are very small (0.1mm or less), but it won't flatten larger values because it could change the original drawing in unintended ways.

Removing all z-axis values from the drawing will ensure this error is not a problem in ToolBox.

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