Adding 3D parts

How to upload 3D parts to a quote and unfold them into sheet metal parts for quoting

ToolBox allows you to upload and view 3D models. It then identifies the sheet metal components in the model and unfolds each part into separate quote lines in ToolBox.

To add a 3D part:

  1. Select the 'Add 3D Parts' from the dropdown:

Selecting this opens up the Add 3D parts screen

To load in your 3D file(s), either:

  • Drag and the file and drop it on the "Drop file here" text; or

  • Click the 'Select files' button to browse for and select the fie.

ToolBox will process the upload. Once the upload process is complete, you will see the 3D render and information regarding sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts (zero thickness) on the right hand side of the page.

Optional: Choose the material you want to specify for the part.

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