Adding miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous items are non-drawing items in a quote that have any description or price you like.

Add line items to your quotes that contain any description and price you like.

The options are endless, but common use cases are non-sheet metal parts like nuts and bolts, delivery and express production charges, charging for assemblies on a single line item, and charging for services like CAD drawing time.

To add a miscellaneous item, simply select it from the Add Parts menu:

Miscellaneous Items are displayed in their own list, separate from the Parts list. The only mandatory fields are Quantity and Price, meaning they can be used for anything from nuts and bolts, right through to delivery and freight charges. Simply change the name of the part to stipulate what the charge is for:

Miscellaneous Items information will be visible in the quote summary, as well as in all relevant documents:

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