Adding a new customer

How to add a new customer into your ToolBox account

Adding a new customer in ToolBox

There are two ways you can add a customer in the ToolBox application.

  1. Adding a customer via Customer Central

  2. Adding a customer within a Quote

Adding a customer via Customer Central

To add a customer into your ToolBox system via the Customer Central you will first need to access the Customer Central menu by going to the menu within ToolBox and selecting Customer Central.

When you have accessed the Customer Central you may add a new customer by selecting the Add Customer option from the top right.

This will open up a side menu for you to complete the data required to create a new customer in your ToolBox account.

The data and fields from this side form are detailed for you below:

  • Company name: The name of the customer/company you are adding to ToolBox

  • Account Code: Field that can be used for matching this customer via an account code to your customer in your accounts/MRP system.

  • Address line 1: Line 1 of the customers address

  • Address line 2: Line 2 of the customers address.

  • City: City of the customers address

  • State: State address for the customer

  • Post code: Customers postal/zip code

  • Country: Country the customer is located in.

You also have the option in this window to select whether the customers delivery address is the same as there invoicing/postal address.

Once you have completed the data in this side menu you may select Add Customer to save this customer into your ToolBox account.

Your newly created customer will now appear in your customer central

Adding a customer within an Quote

In ToolBox you may also add a new customer when you are creating a new quote.

This can be done within the quote screen by selecting the below option:

From here this will load a pop up window for you to complete the required data as you would in the Customer central.

Once created you can view this customer in the Customer Central or select them as the customer for the quote you are working on.

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