Controlling access to your Store

Control who can access your Store

Requiring logins or allowing guests

When you open your Store settings in ToolBox there will be an option at the top of the screen for allowing access to your Store.

The access control toggle switch for your Web Store allows you to decide whether to restrict access to existing customers, or to allow anyone access.

Setting the toggle to On will allow anyone with your unique link to access your Web Store. They can 'Continue as a guest' without having to log in.

Setting the toggle to Off will require customers to log in before they can access any prices or create any quotes.

Guests are created as contacts: Note that if a user 'continues as a guest' to create a quote in your Web Store anonymously, the quote will start as having no customer assigned to it.

However, if they proceed to place the order, their details will be used to create a new customer and contact in your Customer Central database, and this customer/contact will be linked to the Ordered quote.

How customers log into your Web Store

If you allow access without logging in, anyone can access your store by 'continuing as a guest'.

If someone wants to log in, or you prevent guest access and require a login, then your customer enters their email address and validates that they control the email address with a verification code.

After entering in an email address, a verification code is sent to your customer which they enter or copy-paste into the 'access code' field.

Verification codes are not sent to new customers: A verification code will only be sent to the email address if that email address exists in your Customer Central database.

A customer's email address can enter your database through either:

  1. You add them manually (remember to add their name, email address and phone number); OR

  2. Your customer has placed an order in your Web Store as a guest with this email address in the past.

After entering a valid code, the user is logged in as that contact and customer, and their new quote is created in their name.

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