Using our guided walkthrough

How to use our guided walkthrough to help you with your first quote.

First time logging in

Once you have registered and progressed into your trial, you may take our guided tour of the ToolBox application and receive a quick walkthrough on how to process a quote.

Simply select the option in the pop-up "Show me how ToolBox does this!" to be guided step by step through the quoting process.

Revisiting the walkthrough

During a trial

If you missed this pop-up on your first login, or got click happy and closed the window, you can access this guide at any time during your trial period by selecting the option from the top of the screen.

After a trial

You can access this walkthrough and other helpful material from the 'guided tours' section of the resource center widget, which can be found in the bottom-right corner of any page in ToolBox.

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