Customer-supplied materials

How to quote parts whose material is supplied by your customer

Setting materials as customer-supplied

Within the Parts screen of ToolBox you may set the part to be from customer supplied material, to do this, simply slide the "Customer supplied material" option to the right; it will turn orange.

Selecting a part to be calculated using the customer-supplied material will change how the price is calculated for the parts, rather than using the material price for the parts we would calculate the price based on a percentage of the material cost as a handling fee which is determined in your Materials page, as highlighted below.

The price that would be charged for a sheet of material supplied by you is:

SheetSellPrice=SheetCostPrice(1+AppliedMarkup)SheetSellPrice = SheetCostPrice *(1+AppliedMarkup)

Example: A full sheet that costs $100 per sheet and has a 35% applied markup would be sold for $135.

​The price that would be charged for a sheet of material supplied by your customer is:

SheetHandlingFee=SheetCostPriceHandlingFeePercentageSheetHandlingFee = SheetCostPrice *HandlingFeePercentage

Example: A material group has a 15% handling fee on all sheets. If a customer supplies a sheet of material for their parts and you have that sheet as costing $100 per sheet, a handling fee of $15 will apply per sheet of material used in supplying their quoted parts.

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