Creating custom secondary processes

How to create custom secondary processes in ToolBox

Creating a new secondary process

To create a new custom secondary process within ToolBox you will need to access the menu and then select Processes.
From here you can view the existing SAMPLE custom secondary processes created with your ToolBox account at the bottom of the screen
Custom secondary processes in ToolBox
From this screen you may create a new custom secondary process by selecting the Add secondary process button from the top right of you processes screen.
Processes top bar in ToolBox showing add secondary processes button
Once selected this will open a side window for you to complete and create your new custom secondary process.
Add secondary processes menu
The options for creating your custom secondary process are as follows:
  • Name: The name of the secondary process for ToolBox users and within customer quotes
  • Hourly Rate: The hourly rate to use for charging time against in secondary processes
  • Setup Time: The time required to setup the secondary process
  • Setup Mode: How to spread the charge of setting up the secondary process across the project/quote, this can be set to either;
    • Per Process: Setup is charged once for the processes required in the entire quote. Setup is spread across the number of parts where the secondary
      process is required.
    • Per Line: Setup is charged for each line item that requires the secondary
      process. Setup is spread across the number of parts in the line.
  • Measure Type: The multiplying variable from the part used to calculate secondary process time and cost., this can be set to either of the following;
    • Quantity: Requires a user input with an integer quantity for each part that
      requires this process as the multiplying variable
    • Area: The surface area of one side of the part is used as the multiplying
    • Weight: The weight of the part (based on material density) is used as the
      multiplying variable.
  • Price per Measure: Price for each unit of the measure type.
  • Time per Part: Fixed time required to handle each part where the secondary process is applied
  • Time per Measure: Time for each unit of the measure type.
  • Customer Visible: Whether this secondary process is visible to the customer on the quote.
If 'Customer Visible' is turned off, the description will not show up on any document that is visible to the customer. Instead, the cost will be included in the unit and line totals.
Once you have completed the data for your custom secondary process select Add to save this into your ToolBox account to be used in quotes.
Completed data for a custom secondary process
This new custom secondary process will now appear in your list of custom secondary processes in your processes screen.
Custom secondary process created in processes list