Adding and editing sheets

How to add sheets and edit existing sheets of material in ToolBox

Adding a new sheet of material

To add a new sheet of material into the relevant material group you need to first have this material open. To open it, navigate to it by using the search icon and then select the desired material.

Once you have selected the material you want to add material sheets to, you can now select Add Sheet as shown above in the materials page. This will then add a side menu which you use to complete the sheet data.

Again in this menu all you need to do is complete the data in the form for the sheet of material you are adding into this group, the fields you have in this window are as follows.

  • Thickness: The thickness of the sheet you are adding.

  • Sheet length: The length of the sheet you are adding.

  • Sheet width: The width of the sheet you are adding.

  • Sheet cost: The cost to purchase the sheet from your supplier.

    • Note: this will be calculated from the sheet rate, and changes to this will recalculate the sheet rate.

  • Sheet rate: The sheet rate per kg/lb if supplied to you by your supplier.

    • Note: this will be calculated from the sheet cost, and changes to this will recalculate the sheet cost.

  • Extra markup: This is used if you want to apply additional markup on the cost of this sheet in particular on top of your standard mark up for this material. For example, for non-stock sheets.

  • Expiry: The expiry date for the cost of this material. Quoting parts with this sheet after the expiry date will produce a warning while in the quote, prompting you to check if the material price needs to be updated.

  • Default material consumption mode: Whether you want the material consumption for this material to default to Nest Bounds or Whole Sheet.

Once this data has been completed, you can now select Add to save this sheet into the material.

Your new sheet will now appear in your materials table.

Editing an existing sheet of material

To edit the details of a sheet already in ToolBox, you will first need to open the relevant materials page to view the sheet data. From here you will be able to edit any individual sheet one at a time by selecting the edit button for this sheet.

Once you have selected the edit pencil on a sheet you want to change, ToolBox will open the sheet details in the side menu for you to change and save.

As you would when adding a new sheet, make the relevant changes you need to in this sheet and then select Update to save these changes.

Editing sheet details in bulk

In ToolBox, it is possible to make changes to certain sheet properties in bulk by using the tick boxes in the table on the left hand side.

Once you have selected the sheets you would like to edit in bulk, you will be provided with the pop-up box in the materials screen presenting you with the three options you may change in bulk.

  • Expiry: Change the expiry dates for these selected sheets of material.

  • Sheet rate: Update the sheet rate per kg/lb for the selected sheets.

  • Sheet cost change: Increase or decrease the sheet costs of the selected sheets by a percentage.

When you have completed the details you want to update on these sheets in bulk, select the Save icon to make the changes all in one.

If you change your mind about updating these sheets, click the 'X' cancel icon to close the pop-up box.

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