Upcoming features for Web Store

List of planned features for the ToolBox Web Store

Features on our roadmap

  • Set part lines as etching, folding or information line types (not just cutting).
  • Add folding and other secondary processes to parts
  • Add parts other than 2D uploads:
    • Add parts from PDF files
    • Add sheet metal components from 3D models
    • Add parts from the Quick Part generator
  • Improved access control: pick which contacts and customers have access to your Store. Note: currently, setting your store to 'Login required' will prevent access to everyone except those who are contacts in your Customer Central.
  • Save order progress: customers can save their progress partway through their quote to return at a later date or to contact you about in the future.
  • Store-specific pricing adjustments
  • Addition of Drawing Doctor editing tools in Web Store
  • Online payment facilities for orders placed in Web Store
  • Advanced shipping options
Don't see a feature you're looking for? Email us at [email protected] to request it.