Migrating to the new Materials structure

How can you update your ToolBox account to the new materials structure.

New material structure

How do you know if you are eligible for an upgrade to the new materials structure? If you go into the menu's on ToolBox and you only have the following options:

If you select the materials option here you should then see a button for the Upgrade Materials Structure

If you select this option you will see a pop up window containing further details on the new materials structure and how it will help your Toolbox experience.

It will also contain a link to a YouTube video explaining further how the new structure works.

Upgrading to the new material structure

Before we look at upgrading you to the new materials structure there are a few things you need to be aware of and updated on.

Migrating to the new materials structure will unlock a lot of benefits for you, however, there is one drawback: you will lose access to your current quote history. We suggest downloading any super important quotes as zip exports and quote PDFs before proceeding.

This issue happens because the new materials structure and features are different enough from the legacy materials structure that they are incompatible. For a similar reason, your materials don't get migrated across to the new structure automatically either. However, this is something we can help you with if you like by either of the following:

  • You start with the default materials and rate tables, and edit them and add to them as needed;

  • You start with empty materials, and enter yours in from scratch; or

  • We manually migrate your materials and cutting speeds for you, based on your existing materials.

If you are happy to proceed with the upgrade and are happy with the loss of your quote history please contact us at support@tempustools.com with details on the option you would like to proceed with from the above.

If you would like us to help with copying your current materials and cutting data over from the old materials structure to the new one please send us over the csv export of your materials table which can be accessed and downloaded from the following

If you have any further questions regarding the update please feel free to contact us at support@tempustools.com

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