Personalizing your organization

How to customize ToolBox for your business.

Accessing organization settings

To access your organisation settings you will need to select the hamburger menu at the top left of the ToolBox screen and then select "Organisation".
The ToolBox side menu
This will open the Organisation Settings page where you can make changes to your ToolBox account to personalize it to your preferences and to the needs of your business.

Organization settings

From the organization settings card you can:
  • Edit the organisation name for your business
  • Set your tax rate for sales
  • Specify the CAD versions and formats you would like the system to export drawings in
  • Specify your default language and locality as an organisation
  • Specify the currency you would like to display your quotes in
  • Setup a custom numbering system for your quote names
The organization settings card

Tax rate

The tax rate applied to quotes is the rate specified on the organisation management page.
The organisation settings are also where you can upload the logo for your company and a set of contact details or quote notes which will be used on the customer-facing quote to personalise this to you and your organisation.
Set quote footer notes
Set your business's logo that will appear on quote letters to your customers
Simply enter your contact details in the text box as you would like them to appear on the formatted quote and upload your logo in the provided window to customise the quotes.

User management

The user management card within the organisation settings can be used to manage and add users into your ToolBox account.
User management options
NOTE: to save any changes, be sure to click the update button on the top right hand side of the page.